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> Just installed a preamp Ar2 { Advance Reciever Research) M# MSP432DG-160
and the birdy that the TS2000 has on AO27 recieve is now gone and I was able
to hear the bird from start of the pass to the end.Why ,I do not know, but
the preamp seems to kill the birdy . Has anyone found this to be the same.
> WA4HFN Damon
> _______________________________________________

Hi Damon, WA4HFN

The pramplifier "seems" to kill the birdy because the preamplifier gain is
very high and so the birdy is belove the noise introduced by the
preamplifier itself.

I guess that without any signal on the band your S meter reading is well
above S-9 only because of the preamplifier noise that is apparently killing
the birdy.

If you reduce the gain of your preamplifier to get an S-meter reading of say
S-1 or S-2 without any signal on the band then the birdy will appear again.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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