[amsat-bb] Re: Logging Frequencies

Jim Walls jim at k6ccc.org
Thu Jul 29 20:30:33 PDT 2010

  On 7/29/2010 19:41, Rick Tejera wrote:
> A quick question. I've been on the birds about a week now and have started
> keeping a log and breaking out the QSL cards. So what do enter for the
> frequency? The uplink or downlink or both? Or nothing since the frequencies
> are well known (at least on the FM birds).

I had custom QSL cards printed for satellite operating.  You can see 
pictures at the URL below.  On the satellite card, the box right below 
the middle C of my callsign is "Satellite and mode".  I printed the 
satellite and operating mode - for example:  FO-20  V / U.  The next box 
was the operating mode - for example:  SSB.  I made no attempt to print 
the exact frequency - especially since it changed throughout the contact 
(I spent most of my time on the linear birds).

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