[amsat-bb] Yaesu G-5400 vs G-5500

John Kopala jkopala at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 14:42:32 PDT 2010

There are two versions of the G-5400.  If you plan to interface it for computer controlled tracking, you will want the G-5400B.  This model has an 8 pin DIN jack on the rear of the controller for a computer interface, such as the LVB Tracker, TAPR track box, etc.  The G-5400B provides the transistor drivers and relays necessary for the interface.  The G-5500 and G-5600 also have this interface.  

The Yaesu G-5400B, G-5500, and G-5600 are basically the same rotors with minor differences.  The elevation rotor has changed very little since the Ken-Pro R-500 elevation rotor.  The same goes for the G-400 Azimuth Rotor.  The units are NOT interchangeable though, because Yaesu has added limit switches to the rotors in various models and has relocated the motor run capacitors from the control unit to the rotor housing.

The biggest difference I see between the G-5400B and the G-5500 are additions of a limit switch and a set of Pricy connectors which replaced the terminal strips and weather proof housings for attaching the control cables.  

It is possible to interface to rotors, such as the G-500 elevation rotor, the G-400 Azimuth rotor, and the Hy-Gain rotors, but you have to create the relay board to do so.  I have done interfaces for an R-500 and Hy-Gain HAM-IV that is compatible with the G-5400B.  I am currently using the R-500 and HAM-IV and a G-5400B for field day setup.  Everything is plug compatible between my home station and my portable setup.  Check the field day pictures on QRZ.

John Kopala

> Is there any reason why the 5400 would be a very poor choice as opposed to
> the 5500?

> The Yaesu site no longer references the 5400.does anyone know when they
> stopped manufacturing them?  If anyone has the manual for the 5400 in
> electronic format, could you send it to me?

> Thanks,
> David

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