[amsat-bb] Playing with GPS

Lee Ernstrom iamsavedbygrace at q.com
Sun Jul 25 15:55:53 PDT 2010

Hi Guys,
I have been playing around with my Garman NUVI GPS and comparing the
readings to Google Maps.  This is something you call try at home.  My
Garman says that the base of my HF tower is at 41.07430 N 112.03774 W.
When I punch in those coordinates in to Google Maps in the satelite view
mode the arrow points to a location about 30 feet away near the middle
of the lawn east of my driveway.  When I play around with the
coordinates a little through interpolation and punch them in to Google
Maps several times I arrive at what appears to be the true coordinates
of the base of my HF tower at 41.074329 N 112.037770 W.  I suppose that
is the significant difference that sixth decimal place makes.  Check
both of these coordinates on Google Maps to see what I mean.  Any
Lee Ernstrom 
Syracuse, Utah DN31xb

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