Fw: [amsat-bb] Grids and QSL´s

David Maciel xe3dx at prodigy.net.mx
Wed Jul 21 21:50:23 PDT 2010

thanks for help this summer I will work for all the grid EK34 and EK44.
now everything is very well understood. see you soon.


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>> David Maciel wrote:
>>> I have a question maybe silly to many, I have traveled  three times in 
>>> the  past  two months to the grid  EK34  and EK44,
>>> take my portable radio equipment, do not  work because  my  GPS  was 
>>> damaged and another time I forget, but I'm sure the position where I 
>>> was, may  be  valid  if these grids  work  and send  my QSL  with the 
>>> coordinates  where you work? no photo of my gps? I have received many 
>>> cards from American stations QSL writing grid over your home to put the 
>>> new
>>> grid that time. this is valid? can be done? I have also contacted many 
>>> stations and sent my QSL card with a photo of the coordinates, I think 
>>> is best, but not always possible, this'm glad because I think that 
>>> means that the word  amateur is a great value. not if I explain.I had no 
>>> problems for the ARRL accept these cards an American amateur, whatever 
>>> the same
>>> if that makes a Mexican ham? or any other country? thanks for help.
>> Hi David,
>> I think the photo of the GPS is only necessary when operating from a grid 
>> boundary or intersection. If you know where you are by using a map, and 
>> claim only one grid, that is perfectly fine! I know EK34 and 44 would be 
>> new grids for me, so by all means get on the air!
>> 73, Drew KO4MA

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