[amsat-bb] First Satellite QSO

Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Tue Jul 20 22:07:21 PDT 2010


I finally did it, made my first QSO on the birds this afternoon. Worked
W6AJP on A051 on the 0100UT 21 July pass from DM33, Thank you for the QSO. I
was also worked by WC7V in DM45, again thanks for the QSO, I hope I didn't
sound like too much of a rookie :-). QSL's will be in the mail tomorrow.

I did hear someone else call me, I think it may have been K6SIP, but before
could reply the bird went below my radio horizon and I lost the signal.  

My station is pretty simple: a Kenwood TH7D handheld using a homebrew dual
band yagi from plans by Kent Britain WA5VJB. Simple to build and works like
a charm and only $30.00 in parts. I attached a digital voice recorder to the
radio and used my Ipod ear buds (A Heil headset is on the short list of
things to get next time I'm at HRO :-)).

Again thanks for the QSO's and hope to work more of you in the future.

Clear Skies

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews,
Public Outreach Coordinator
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
www.saguaroastro.org <http://www.saguaroastro.org/> 
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