[amsat-bb] Re: =13 original colonies ?=

Peter Portanova roic at optonline.net
Tue Jul 20 08:03:58 PDT 2010


We did have the "Original 13 Colonies event, here is what was posted. I was 
WB2OQQ/K2A and I made over 108 contacts in the three days.  Dave, took over 
for Tim, see you next year!

73's Pete


 We have ten out of the thirteen colonies represented.. You can make up 
special QSL cards for your station to send to whoever you contact if you 
choose. As far as callsigns go, I was unable to get special calls for us due 
to time( selling house, buying house, and 8 week old baby), so we will do 
like we did last year, using our own calls with a /K2A, /K2B, /K2C and so 

 Here are the calls-

NY- Pete, WB2OQQ/K2A
VA- Steve, NL7VX/K2B
RI ---------------------------
CT- Paul, K1PL/K2D
DE ------------------------ 
MD- Bruce, WA3SWJ/K2F
GA- Tim, N3TL/K2G
MA- Dave, KB1PVH/K2H
NJ ----------------------
NC- Mark, N8MH/K2J
NH- Rik, N1XED/K2K
SC- Art, K4YYL/K2L
PA- Rich, K3BFS/K2M

Here is the email I got from Ken with more details.

Hi Dave: All I need is just the number of contacts each colony station made 
with other stations for the special event. Like I made 1285 contacts from NY 
as K2A during the SE with other stations in 2009. We are going on the honor 
system as far as the contact logs are concerned. It is just to much to check 
for each certificate request. 12,500 in 2009. I believe most hams are honest 
:)  .. So each Sat.operator representing a Colony State must email me with 
only one number-the total contacts made on Satellite..for the special event 
only July 1st to July 5th..It doesn't matter if you cant get all 13 colonies 
on Sat, you got 10 already.  So if an operator gets 10 of the Sats, he can 
get the other 3 on HF! for a clean sweep. Go to my bio KU2US on QRZ.com and 
read all that is there.  An operator is eligible for a certificate if he 
makes one contact or in between to all 13. If YOU the Colony station would 
like to also contact all 13 for a certificate, then YOUR state is counted 
automatically, so you would have to only get the remaining 12. THIS log 
needs to be sent to me for a certificate. The cert. is free to all colony 


I think that is all, but if I missed something, give me a yell.

 Have fun on the birds!!!!  If anyone has questions, feel free to email me.

Dave - KB1PVH/K2H

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