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Sat Jul 17 14:55:30 PDT 2010

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>From: James Duffey <jamesduffey at comcast.net>
> Although it is a great engineering feat to have our hardware still partially operational after 36 years in orbit, in some sense >it is a bit embarrassing to have hardware in orbit that we cannot control. Fortunately, in AO-7s case the inability to control >the satellite is largely benign.

Let me clarify something here for the record, especially since it keeps coming up. We absolutely DO have the ability to command AO-7, including a command set that will result in the satellite being silenced permanently. There simply is not much operational advantage to it, even when in continuous illumination. The ability to ceaase transmissions is all that is required of us by the FCC; I just hope we never have to do it. You do not have to look to hard to find other amateur satellites that are derelicts though...

Additionally, although not stated in this discussion, there is much misconception about the legality of Mode B with the 432 uplink. AMSAT has an FCC waiver that is still in effect, so using the 432 is completely legal for US operators, at least. As it is an uplink, there is absolutely no ill effect AO-7 can have on terrestrial 432 operations. I just noticed a few days ago that the AO-7 entry on wikipedia is 100% wrong on this and needs to be corrected. Maybe someone more familiar with wikipedia than I will do so after seeing this email.

73, Drew KO4MA
AMSAT-NA VP Operations

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