[amsat-bb] Re: Looking to make my First Sat QSO

B J top_gun_canada at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 21:02:59 PDT 2010


> All, I just finish making (with the
> help of my freind Jimmy, KZ7QCW) a Dual beam yagi accoring
> to plans from Kent britain (WA5VJB). I Listened in on the
> AO-51 pass at 004UT.  I'm using my Kenwood TH-7D in
> duplex mode.
> Heard a good signal and a few pile ups. I was able to tune
> for the doppler pretty easy and kept a good signal. I tried
> to break twice, but couldn;t get through, not sure it was me
> or the antenna (my guess would be me). 
>  Even though i didn;t make a contact, I had fun listening
> and learned a bit about how the communication process goes,
> so hopefully my next attempt will be more sucessful.
> I will be on AO-51 again for the pass at 0001UT 15 Jul. I'd
> appreciate anyone listening for me (K7TEJ) from DM33. 
> Any advice & elmering is appreciated and welcomed.
> 73's and thanks in advance.


Welcome to satellites!

I remember making my first contact during a quiet pass.  There was only one station calling, so I had a good chance of my signal getting through.  Had I tried during a pileup, I might not have been heard.

My radio's an FT-817ND and, at first, I used the stock rubber duck antenna.  I soon found that it had limitations, so I got myself an Arrow dual-band yagi.  That made a lot of difference.

I've found that the greatest skills one needs for operating over satellites is patience and a bit of luck, and I've done more listening than talking.  I also tried different birds and different passes and made some interesting contacts that way.

Listen for me on the FM satellites, especially AO-51 and AO-27.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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