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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Tue Jul 13 16:24:26 PDT 2010

I really don't remember what they sent back in the large envelope. After you
asked, I searched for the QSL I received sometime ago to see if anything
else was with it-a certificate or something.  Just have the QSL's so I can't
answer the question.
I was part of a team that did a space shuttle QSL'ing and we sent out the
QSL only. It was a pleasure to read all the cards and see everything that
was sent to the Astronauts.  I was amazed at how many contacts the SS made
as they sent a list for us to verify them by and only about 1/3 of the QSO's
requested a QSL.  It seems to me that if you talk to an astronaut, you would
want to display a QSL in the shack for such an accomplishment.
All the cards were forwarded to NASA in Houston to the Astronauts that
actually performed the QSO's in Space.  They wrote back and sent a great
poster to the team as a reward for volunteering to do the QSL's.
That's why I explained that the whole process takes time.  Many people
involved and my hat is off to those volunteers that make us happy.

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Hi Dee,

I was fortunate to get a QSO with the ISS the other evening. I saw your post
about QSLs on the Amsat BB.

Just how large an envelope is needed? IRCs cost at least $2.10, so would $4
in postage be needed?

What do they send you along with a QSL card?



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