[amsat-bb] Time to head home...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Jul 11 08:23:31 PDT 2010


I am packing things up, getting ready to go to Vancouver 
airport for the flight home.  A quick look through my log
shows 392 QSOs were logged by VA7EWK in the past 8 days
from all locations (including some that were logged with 
both of my callsigns, when I worked at the USA/Canada
border Thursday afternoon).  It has been a fun time up here,
between the sightseeing (several hundred photos in my digital
camera, and my car has over 3000km/1900 miles on it!) and 
getting on the radio.  I operated from 9 grids (CN78, CN79, 
CN88, CN89, CN99, CO60, CO70, CO80, CO90), and even tolerated 
the "heat wave" that has gripped southern British Columbia 
over the past few days.  Warm by local standards, but not 
nearly as warm as it is back in Arizona.  Other than the first 
2 nights I was on Vancouver Island, I never saw rain - a first, 
for all my trips to Vancouver going back over 15 years.  

I still need to update my spreadsheet with QSOs from the past
few days.  I might do that at the airport before flying out, or
on the 3-hour flight back to Phoenix.  Once I do that, I can 
provide more stats on my operating up here.  Thanks again to 
everyone for the QSOs over the past 8 days!   


Patrick VA7EWK/WD9EWK - North Vancouver, British Columbia

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