[amsat-bb] Re: [OTish] Reasonably Dual-Band Large Crossed Beam

Dave Webb KB1PVH kb1pvh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 12:00:36 PDT 2010

It did take 3 months to get the antenna, but 'good things come to those who
wait'. I have no complaints about the products from Gulf Alpha.

Dave - KB1PVH

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On Jul 7, 2010 2:53 PM, "John Neeley" <w6zkh at att.net> wrote:

I would be wary of Gulf Alpha, after what I've been thru for almost 3 months
of waiting, stalls, excuses and just outright fibs.  I came to within 3
blocks of his house while on vacation last month, and almost turned in, but
wouldnt have done any good anyway, since he never built them even though he
told me that morning on the phone, they were built, boxed, and being shipped
in 6 days, July 1st..  July 2nd I sent him an email requesting the Tracking
number; reply email from him,he cancelled my order himself, but did at least
refund my monies.

My 2 cents worth..........M-square is just down the road apiece.....shouldnt
went there in the first place.....

de John W6ZKH

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Take a look at Gulf Alpha Antennas, he makes a dual band crossed 8 elements
on UHF and 6 on VHF. So...

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