[amsat-bb] G-5400B

Liz & Tony Buckland buckland at scorch.co.nz
Tue Jul 6 22:42:41 PDT 2010

Hi All,

I bought a secondhand G5400B and promptly dismantled both rotators to 
overhaul them and also completely repaint inside and out, and they 
now look like new :-).

My question is I set the azimuth rotator as per the instructions and 
all seems good apart from the CCW direction does not indicate 180 
(far left), more like 165-170, is this normal? Mechanically it 
rotates more than 360 but the resistance of the pot is 14 ohms CCW 
and 8 ohms CW. I would have thought it should read 0 CCW then setting 
the adjust pot on the controller to 180 with the rotator exactly 360 
round CW. Hope I haven't lost anyone with this description :-).

Any guidance would be most welcome, thanks.

73 de Tony ZL3HAM

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