[amsat-bb] VA7EWK heading to CN78 later today (6 July)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Jul 6 06:52:55 PDT 2010


My plan for today is to head to grid CN78 on the Pacific (west)
side of Vancouver Island.  It is at least 2 to 3 hours' driving
to get there, and I cannot leave my current QTH Campbell River 
until sometime after 1500 UTC.  Because of that, I will work the
1448-1510 UTC AO-7 pass from CN79/CO70 here.  After that pass, 
and after checking out of the motel here, I will drive to CN78.  
Depending on the surroundings, I will try to work passes on my 
way out there, which would be in different parts of CN79, until 
I reach CN78.  I may be able to park on the CN78/CN79 line, 
which is just north of the Pacific coast down there, but the goal 
today will definitely be CN78.  

I apologize to anyone who tried to work me last night on FO-29 
after 0300 UTC.  I ended up talking about ham radio and my portable
satellite station to a few people who were walking along the 
waterfront up there in Port Hardy.  Thanks to WC7V and W6ZKH for
CW QSOs on the AO-7 pass just before 0300 UTC.  What you guys 
heard was left-handed CW, and I'm not left-handed.  

I drove over 570km according to the car's trip odometer yesterday 
(over 353 miles), including about 90km/55 miles on a dirt track for 
my aborted attempt to work from CO50 before I started operating at 
Port Hardy (CO60gr).  I know the mileage (do I say that in a metric 
country?) will be substantial when the car returns to Vancouver 
airport on Sunday - a benefit of unlimited kilometers (mileage) on 
the car rental.  The fuel prices on Vancouver Island are around 
C$ 1.11 or so a liter, about US$ 4/gallon at current exchange rates -
about as much as I paid during my 2008 summer road trip when fuel 
prices skyrocketed in the States.  A little more expensive, but I'm 
having fun seeing a lot of this island - and, yes, I'm enjoying the
radio operating.  

Looking ahead... I won't be on the radio much Wednesday and 
Thursday.  Wednesday will be a travel day - first down to Victoria
on the southern tip of the island, then the ferry crossing back
to Vancouver.  I may work some passes in the afternoon from 
Victoria (CN88) and *maybe* even on the ferry ride up to the 
Tsawassen terminal south of Vancouver going through CN88 and CN89.
Thursday... maybe some radio in the afternoon, but I will be doing
stuff in metro Vancouver, and either Friday or Saturday (exact date
yet to be determined) will be my day-trip up to Whistler and grid
CO80.  My flight home is Sunday afternoon, and I don't plan on any
radio that day.  Have to get back to Vancouver airport to return the
car, do the flight check-in, and the US Customs/Immigration formalities
before the flight.  


Patrick VA7EWK/WD9EWK - Campbell River, British Columbia

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