[amsat-bb] Re: CO60 (or *maybe* CO50/CO60) tomorrow

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            Good luck with your vucc.  I will be in dn36, dn37 tomorrow.  I 
will try and activate dn46/56 also if time permits  and work you from the 
dn45/55 line from your new grid tomorrow.   I will be on so50, ao51, ao27 
and ho68.  Possibly so67 if it is on.


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Subject: [amsat-bb]  CO60 (or *maybe* CO50/CO60) tomorrow

> Hi!
> I had planned on going to CO60/CO70 today, but could not find
> a good spot to work satellites out there.  Lots of trees, hills,
> and being stuck at the bottom of valleys looking at obstructions
> up to almost 30 degrees of elevation to the east and southeast
> would have been no fun.  I came back to Campbell River, where I
> spent last night after crossing the ferry from Vancouver, and
> went to the (very) nearby CN79/CO70 boundary.  There is a
> monument near that spot, erected by the local Rotary group, to
> mark the 50th parallel.  My GPS claimed the monument was just a
> little north of the actual line, and I spent the day working from
> that area.  Being in Campbell River, I could simply take a short
> drive to get lunch and not have to pack food with me if I spent
> the day out in the forest not wanting to come back to town.
> I worked at least 13 passes, and logged at least 1 QSO on 11 of
> them.  I worked SSB and FM, shallow passes and very high passes,
> and was able to put these grids in the logs of stations all over
> North America.  Alvaro XE2AT was *very* happy with getting CO70
> in his log this afternoon, and I'm sure there were others happy
> with either of both of these grids in their logs.  I logged a
> total of 77 QSOs from CN79jx/CO70ja today.  Adding in the 24 QSOs
> I logged last night from Vancouver, this is a great start for the
> radio part of my trip.  And I'm doing sightseeing, and taking
> pictures as I go.
> Now for what will probably be the most ambitious driving I will
> do on this trip.  I will go northwest from Campbell River into
> grid CO60 to some point where I get a good view of the sky for
> satellite work.  If there are good roads beyond the town of
> Port Hardy at the far end of BC route 19, I may even be able
> to get out to the CO50/CO60 grid boundary.  Port Hardy is at
> least 3 hours away from here, and it could be another hour or
> more from Port Hardy to the boundary line if there are roads
> good enough to drive out there.  If I go out there, I have to
> come back from there, so you can imagine the distance I will
> cover (or visit a site like Google Maps to check it out for
> yourself).  Depending on the surroundings at the times for the
> passes, I may stop and work some passes on my way to and from
> Port Hardy or the CO50/CO60 boundary, for more chances to get
> at least CO60 in logs.
>>From what I saw this morning, once I left Campbell River for at
> least the first 70km/43 miles or so away from this town, the
> GSM cell coverage went away.  It does not pick up again until I
> am most of the way to Port Hardy.  If, for some reason, I do not
> get to Port Hardy, the only way to know where I ended up would
> be to work passes in the daytime and early evening tomorrow.  If
> I can get a signal on the cell, I should be able to scribble a
> quick e-mail here announcing my location.  I will have my gear
> with me for both SSB and FM birds, and with AO-7 hopefully
> switching back to mode B late tomorrow afternoon I may even get
> on there before returning to Campbell River in the (late) evening.
> As for QSL cards, some have already said they were going to send
> me a card immediately.  You may want to wait until after the coming
> week, so you can send requests for all QSOs that you may make with
> VA7EWK in a single envelope.  For this trip, I would like to get
> QSL cards.  SASEs are not required when working me via satellite,
> and I am happy to respond to QSL cards I receive with or without an
> SASE.  I will most likely send out cards with SASEs, as I would like
> to see if I can reach VUCC after this week coupled with the trip I
> made to Vancouver in late 2008.  It could be close.
> Thanks to all for the QSOs today.  It was fun to work the passes
> and be in 16C/61F comfort for the entire day in Campbell River.
> Hope to hear you tomorrow from wherever I end up...
> 73!
> Patrick VA7EWK/WD9EWK - Campbell River, British Columbia
> http://www.wd9ewk.net/
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