[amsat-bb] VA7EWK @ CO60 today (5 July)

Patrick STODDARD patrick at wd9ewk.net
Mon Jul 5 14:23:17 PDT 2010


I am in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, at the north end of the highway 
that runs most of the length of the island in grid CO60gr.  During the 
morning, I took a detour just as I reached this town to CO50 on a logging 
road off route 19.  Easy to navigate, but too many mountains without 
still more driving and maybe even some hiking to get to a workable 
spot.  I backtracked to Port Hardy, found a parking area along the 
waterfront, and will operate from here.  Some lower hills from 90 to 
180 degrees, but workable.  

I have already worked 2 SO50 passes and an AO27 pass.  I will try later
passes on AO27, AO51, FO29, AO7 once it switches back to mode B,
and even a couple of HO68 passes.  

If anyone in the far northern reaches of Europe can work HO68 later today
at 2310-2317 or 0051-0101 UTC, those are times when I am in the 
footprint.  Maybe we can hook up on one of those passes.

As for tomorrow, I am looking at possibly CN78 on the Pacific side of this
island as my destination for most of the day.  Then Wednesday will be more
sightseeing heading down toward the provincial capital of Victoria before 
crossing back to Vancouver for the remainder of the week.  Probably not a
lot of radio on Wednesday, but some - most likely from Victoria in 
CN88.  I won't worry about working from CN89 on the island - it is regularly
heard on the satellites.


Patrick VA7EWK/WD9EWK - Port Hardy, British Columbia

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