[amsat-bb] How to Manually Program Your FT-60R LIVE!

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sun Jul 4 14:08:21 PDT 2010

Well, GoToMeeting "got" me for a month's subscription (grin). So if you are
interested in attending this live, online one-hour session that shows you ...

- how to manually program your Yaesu FT-60R
- battery charging tips
- antenna replacement recommendations
- and tries to answer any other questions YOU have

... then send me a couple of dates/times that you have open in the next couple
of weeks. Let's get as many session in before I need to pay for another month's

Let's not clog up this messagegroup with replies - please privalely email me, or
leave a voicemail message at the number below. When we get closer, we call tell
this group the definitive dates/times. Max of 15 attendees per session (that is a
GoToMeeting restriction).

Clint Bradford, K6LCS
909-241-7666 - cell

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