[amsat-bb] DN41 ANYONE?

Lee Ernstrom iamsavedbygrace at q.com
Sun Jan 31 12:31:23 PST 2010

I am thinking about making a treck over to DN41 for the 2259-2310 UTC
AO-51 pass this afternoon which is just a couple miles to the east of
me.  Is anyone interested in that grid?  I could set up on the DN31/DN41
line.  The satelite will rise to 16 degrees to the east of me and I will
have a very short window due to the Wasatch range of the Rocky Mountains
to the east.  Then, on the next AO-51 pass the satelite will be at 66.3
degrees.  I would entertain that possibility also.  I will commit to it
if I have any takers.
Lee Ernstrom
Syracuse, Utah 

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