[amsat-bb] SSTV Examples and tips for ISS

MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 05:52:28 PST 2010

Some of you have been asking:
 "What does SSTV from the International Space Station sound like".

Here are a few examples of actual recordings from SSTV on ISS.

Here is a link for how to decode SSTV.

SpaceCam1 Logo:

Robot 36 Format (SpaceCam1)
In this example you will hear the following SpaceCam1 sequences.
First, DTMF Tone (#).  This tone is used to turn on the Vox-Box to make sure the radio has time to get up to full power, before sending the CW-ID.
The CW-ID is next.  This is the call sign of the ISS RS0ISS
The Last portion is the 36 seconds of Image data.  We chose Robot-36 to be the default because we are concerned about overheating the TM-D700 transceiver.

Martin-1 format (SpaceCam1)

Soyuz Docked, Robot-36 (Kenwood VCH1)

If you would like to see more SSTV, then we need your support to get the USB Vox Box project approved for Flight.  With the USB Vox box, ISS will be able to send over 300 Robot-36 images to Earth per day.  The crew can choose either images from their Disk drive or from their live USB camera.

Lets Keeps space fun and affordable.

73 wf1f Miles marexmg.org



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