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w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Wed Jan 27 12:01:23 PST 2010

You know Tim. You are one of those people that get under some of our 
skins. If you read "all" of my email, you note I stated that the FT-817 
worked fine under HRD. So I do take offense at your comments. Both 
radios work fine under HRD. I'm started to play with SatPC32 and since 
its radio setups are not quite as intuit as others, I have found that 
the SQF files are why I am having some of the problems. The German error 
message is obviously a problem with SatPC32ISS and looks to be some sort 
of memory problem but can't read German. I have to use Task Manager to 
close it.

I feel your pain as I have been unemployed for 27 months. A simple 
comment of "it sounds like an SQF file problem" would have suffice.


Reid, W4UPD

Tim - N3TL wrote:
> Hey Reid,
> I mean no offense, but either there's some kind of operator error going on
> in your shack, or the CAT plug in your FT-817 may be dead. I'm using SatPC
> 32 - unregistered - with two ft-817s. I had also used it with at FT-857D,
> but the CAT plug on it dies right after Field Day.
> Do you have Ham Radio Deluxe installed - or any other program that uses the
> CAT plug to send data to the FT-817? If so, is your connection there still
> working? If not, it's the radio. I'm told there is a tiny fuse of some sort
> inside the Yaesu radios just behind the CAT plug that can blow. That appears
> to be what happened to my 857. I haven't had it repaired yet because I've
> been unemployed for 13 months.
> Other things to check:
> Do you have the CAT parameters set the same for both radios? To programs
> like SatPC and HRD, they are identical. I know because I've interchanged
> radio IDs with no problem.
> One other thing you can try - IF you have the newest version of SatPC. If
> you know your CAT plug on the 817 is good, and if you know that the CAT
> settings are the same for both radios, go into SatPC and create a new
> profile, which this latest version allows you to do. You can have up to 4.
> Erich, the author of SatPC 32, suggested I try that to eliminate some
> switching issues I was having here, and it worked perfectly.
> I hope something in here proves helpful.
> Tim - N3TL
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> Having a few issues using SatPC32 and especially Yaesu gear, 
> specifically FT-817 and FT-857. The copy I aa using is not a registered 
> version yet nor have I modified any of the SQF files.
> When using on the FT-817, I cannot get any response to the radio. It 
> doesn't appear to follow the doppler corrections being issued by the 
> program. When using the FT-857, the unit appears to semi-work, but it 
> seems to switch between 2 vfos. When using my Icom IC-910, it works fine 
> if I let it go into satellite mode.
> If this is just a file editing problem let me know. In general, I'll be 
> using the IC-910 most often but have considered using the 817/857 for 
> portable operation if I can get it to work correctly. I also noticed 
> that the FT-857 has issues with HRD as well, but that's a subject for 
> another time.
> Any guesses as to why FT-817 not working or does there need to be some 
> initial file modifications?
> Regards,
>     Reid, W4UPD

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