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andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 26 11:14:40 PST 2010

Gogle with the Russian characters Маи-75 and you get results like


 that can be dropped into babelfish to get:

In English

Experiment of " MAI -75" (it continues with s -11) Automatic spacecraft and the contemporary technologies the personal communications of the connection Producer The Moscow Aviation Institute ANE MUNTZ " [Kosmos]" Participant [RKK] of " [Energiya]" [im]. OF [S].[P]. Korolev Scientific leader Moderator Doctor of Technical Science, assoc. member. WOUNDS Of [alifanov] [O].[M]. [Spirin] [A].[I]. Purpose: Checking the possibility: • the organization of personal communications between the users on the Earth and the information resources inside s; • the use of standard protocols of network the Internet for the turning to information resources inside s; • the start in the training process of VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) of the aerospace profile of the information and telecommunication resources, obtained in the process of conducting the experiment. Tasks: Finalizing the common methodology of the transfer of video images from onboard RS s along the
 radio amateur's communication channel (SSTV) and its method in [TSPOI] the MAI in the interests of educational projects. Conducting by photo and [videosemok] on board RS s according to the scenic plans. Obtaining initial data for creation and applying assignment system of space information to the wide circle of users. Utilized equipment: During the first stage the experiment of " MAI -75" will begin to operate existing on board RS s digital of photo and video the equipment, utilized for fulfilling the surveys according to the scenic plans and the system of radio amateur's communications with the frequency bands 144-146 and 430-440 MHz for the subsequent image transmission to the earth. The official equipment is used for the realization of experiment: the complex of amateurish package radio communication, the video camera HDV Of sony HVR-Z1, the digital camera Of nikon Of d200, the digital camera Of nikon D2X, [videokommunikator] Of kenwood VC-H1 with
 overall mass 40,7 kg. 

73 de andy g0sfj


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