[amsat-bb] Re: Amateur Satellites Close Conjuctions

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Tue Jan 26 08:53:23 PST 2010

Sort of like walking 1000 paces, turning, and firing...not much 
danger of anyone perishing in such a duel?  Better yet try to hit the 
other's bullet.  The most amazing is that two orbiting satellites 
actually collided.

73, Ed - KL7UW
afterall space is not like the San Diego Fwy in rush hour

At 05:08 AM 1/26/2010, Joe Fitzgerald wrote:

> > Hello,
> >
> > Given the recent close conjunction between Compass-1 and Sich 1,
> > I was curious how common such encounters were.   Using
> > SOCRATES on the celestrak site, http://celestrak.com/SOCRATES/,
> > it looks like they are fairly common.
> >
> >
>Take those forecasts with a grain of salt since they are based on TLE's
>with limited accuracy.  On the day Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251 collided,
>SOCRATES forecast a couple other conjunctions closer.  SOCRATES predicted
>a miss of 584 m.
>Fortunately for us, there is a lot of space in space.
>-Joe KM1P
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