[amsat-bb] Re: LEO/cube sat for sale 8000$

Alexandru Csete alexc at phys.au.dk
Tue Jan 26 06:17:49 PST 2010

Quoting William Leijenaar <pe1rah at yahoo.com>:
> Hi AMSATs,
> I just read the message about the tube-sats.
> I was having a look to their options, but when I understand well in  
> the structure there is already a radio integrated ?

Hi William,

You can get a tubesat both with or without electronics/radio. I think  
you can even use your own structure as long as it fits into the  
envelope specs.

> What is the area that can be used for electronics ?
> The weight is max. 250 grams, which is no problem to handle one off  
> my LE005-R2 linear transponders (weights only 30 grams).
> Check it on: www.leijenaarelectronics.nl

Max OD = 8.94 cm (3.52 in), ID= 8.56 cm (3.37 in), Length = 12.7 cm (5.0 in)
So it is slightly smaller than a cubesat in one dimension, but longer  
in length.
You can get the full specs on their website:
There is a PDF/word file

> When there is enough space in the tube-sat to fit my transponder,  
> this is very interresting.
> Just fill the existing space with Li-ion batts and there you go...


> Anyone already have experience with these tube-sats ?

I do not have any practical experience with them, but I know they have  
been working on their launcher for many years. If I had 8000$ I would  
buy a tubesat.
Of course, since their launcher does not have any track record, it  
should be considered as high risk. But who cares? I mean if you  
compare it to the price of a cubesat launch today, which is how much?  


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