[amsat-bb] HO-68 Tracking

Peter Scheller nh6vb at msn.com
Mon Jan 25 18:55:12 PST 2010

Greetings to all.

I have 2 satellite prediction programs, NOVA for Windows and of course SatPC32. Since the two

do not match in prediction, I tried to find out which one is correct. Anyone wonders about the outcome?

Erich, you can relax, your SatPC32 program is superior! But......  Setup: IC-706MKII, outside Arrow antenna

mounted on photo tripod at ground level. Computer time adjusted to WWV and newest Keps loaded via internet. HO-68 orbit 547 was an almost overhead pass (here in Hawaii). When I finally picked up HO-68's

beacon, the indicated CAT frequency of the SatPC32 program and the MANUALLY tuned frequency of the

IC-706MKII did not match, and were far off. By observation, the satellite was lagging the prediction program.

When the the CAT window showed a beacon frequency of 435790 KHz I timed this with a stop watch, and

waited till the radio dial showed the same. The difference was about 7 minutes! and SatPC32 showed HO-68

almost out of the foot print whilst it should have been overhead at the closest distance to me. Something

is absolutely wrong. A 7 minute time difference is not acceptable. Next I loaded HO-68's Online Satellite

Pass Predictions from AMSAT NA. Surprise, the AMSAT predictions accurately mirror the SatPC32 predictions,

or vice versa. But are wrong! as measured by the actual event. Any help out there? 

73, Peter NH6VB
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