[amsat-bb] FT-847 and SATPC32

n1jez@burlingtontelecom.net n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Mon Jan 25 15:07:33 PST 2010

A while back I posted a note for a friend I was trying to help where SATPC32 
would not doppler tune his FT-847. SATPCISS worked fine and he was able to 
tune the radio using the UP/DWN buttons on the SATPC32 screen.

We finally have figured it out. His radio is one of the very early FT-847's 
which did not allow the VFO to be polled. There was a mod being done by 
Vertex, but a call to them came up empty. They have not done a mod since 
2000 and they have no parts left.

So, any one know if the mod can be done somehow?

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT 29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet" 

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