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> Does anyone know where I can get
> An adaptor that is N-TYPE Male to SO-239 ( FEMALE PL259 ) ??
> Randy - N2CUA
Hi Randy, N2CUA

For my needs with the adapters I use a TPI Coax Adapter Connector Kit model
TPI 3000A
Using the above Kit you can built your adapter by yourself screwing an
Universal Interface with all type of connectors like BNC male ,BNC female,
N male,N female, UHF male, UHF female, TNC male, TNC female, SMA male,
SMA female, Mini UHF male ,Mini UHF female, F male, F female, RCA male,
and RCA female.

Into the above KIT there are 30 silver plated pieces and teflon PTFE
insulated suitable for any adapter combination

6 Universal Interfaces
2 BNC male
2 BNC female
2 N male
2 N female
2 UHF male
2 UHF female
2 TNC male
2 TNC female
1 SMA male
1 SMA female
1 Mini UHF male
1 Mini UHF female
1 F male
1 F female
1 RCA male
1 RCA female

At the end of your needs you can unscrew the universal interface between the
two pieces of the combined adapter and reuse all of tree pices for another
combination in the future both in the lab or outside at the antennas.

Just to remember where I have employed any combined adapter I use to put
a note on paper and save it into the adapters box.

The above Kit was advertised by QST many years ago by the TEST PROBES
INC  TPI toll free 1-800-368-5719 but I don't know if this is still a valid
phone numbar but probably you can find the above Company searching in
internet by Google.

I am sure that many old timers reading AMSAT-BB are using the above TPI
Adapter Kit and they can help you to find the TPI address in USA.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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