[amsat-bb] Re: RF Adaptors

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 24 09:00:27 PST 2010

Unfortunately, the quality of the vast majority of r.f. connectors sold at Radio Shack has to improve considerably to even make a rating of "dismal"!  For example, I have run into PL-259 connectors with over 1 dB of loss PER connector on 450 MHz.

Mouser ( http://www.mouser.com ) has various adapters as well as other sources that have been given.

Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com

--- On Sun, 1/24/10, Dee <morsesat at optonline.net> wrote:

Before you go ordering through the mail (most efficient way)  Check your local Radio Shack. I went in there and was surprised at the selection on the wall.


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