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Hi Keith N4ZQ

My message with the attachement was rejected by your provider @hotmail.com so that I tryed again using your old email address @netzero.net

If you dont receive my new email with the attachements please request to relay you both articles from Keith ,GU6EFB at keith at cwgsy.net or from Ken, W7KBM at knoliver at netutah.com  

They should have already received it

Best 73" de 

i8CVS Domenico
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  Hi Domenico,

  Could I please get a copy of your article about your switch box from the 2007 AMSAT Journals. 

  Thank you in advance...

  Keith N4ZQ 

 Your switching box is the KLM model CS2 suitable for 70 cm crossed yagi model 435-18CX or 435-40CX and it is enclosed into a completely sealed aluminum box so that a weep hole in the bottom is recommended to prevent umidity condensation inside of it.  I have removed the above CS2 switching box for only RHCP and LHCP on my 435-40CX crossed yagi and I have designed and built e four polarizations switcher for V-H-RHCP and LHCP as described by my articles into the AMSAT Journal  March/April 2007 and May/June 2007   If you cannot get the above AMSAT-Journals please let me know and I will send to you a copy via Stan W1LI  because your provider @comcast.net rejects all emails coming from my provider @tin.it  Best 73" de  i8CVS Domenico

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