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Adrian this is perfect!  I see it uses ADIF log file formats.  What do you recommend for log program to use with it for SATS?  I don't see any direct entry method.  Thanks!


Quoting Adrian Engele <aa5uk at yahoo.com>:

> Mike,
> Check out http://ve2zaz.net/WorkedGrids/WorkedGrids.htm
> See if this is what you are looking for.
> 73,
> Adrian
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> Mike,
> Check out GcmWin (Great Circle Maps) from Roger, SM3GSJ at URL
> http://www.qsl.net/sm3gsj/index.htm.  This is not exactly what you are
> looking for, but it does a good job of plotting your grid squares on a map.
> It can plot from two different grid square lists as well, so you can
> highlight confirmed vs. worked grids, for example, in different colors or
> shades.  It does have the capability of adding boundaries--so state outlines
> could be added, but so far no support for shading in the boundaries as far
> as I know.
> Doug KD8CAO
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> Been having lots of fun with new rooftop sat antennas.  What I would like to
> do is attempt to work all states via AO-51, but I am struggling with a good
> layout to keep myself motivated.
> Does anyone know of a logging program I could display on a flat screen
> specific to sats?
> Here is my thought:
> A google maps overlay that has states and gridsquares on it (does this exist
> today as overlays for Google Earth maybe?)
> Then Iog my sat contacts on AO-51 into a logging program (LOTW or something
> else).
> Then it gives me an output overlay for Google so I can see all states and
> gridsquares worked.
> It would be great if it could color in the states I have worked and/or the
> grids I have worked on zoomin.
> Well, I know it is a lot to ask and maybe it has to be designed, but it
> certainly sounded interesting to me.  It would really be nice when scouts or
> family come over to show them the states I have worked on AO-51 and/or
> others in a visual display.
> Thanks for any ideas or any pointers into anything close or at least a good
> sat logging program that maybe I can export a file to utilize in Google
> Earth to make a KMZ out of or something.
> Mike
> kb8zgl
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