[amsat-bb] Graphical display of states worked or something similar?

Michael Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Thu Jan 21 06:44:52 PST 2010

Been having lots of fun with new rooftop sat antennas.  What I would like to
do is attempt to work all states via AO-51, but I am struggling with a good
layout to keep myself motivated.

Does anyone know of a logging program I could display on a flat screen
specific to sats?

Here is my thought:
A google maps overlay that has states and gridsquares on it (does this exist
today as overlays for Google Earth maybe?)
Then Iog my sat contacts on AO-51 into a logging program (LOTW or something
Then it gives me an output overlay for Google so I can see all states and
gridsquares worked.
It would be great if it could color in the states I have worked and/or the
grids I have worked on zoomin.

Well, I know it is a lot to ask and maybe it has to be designed, but it
certainly sounded interesting to me.  It would really be nice when scouts or
family come over to show them the states I have worked on AO-51 and/or
others in a visual display.

Thanks for any ideas or any pointers into anything close or at least a good
sat logging program that maybe I can export a file to utilize in Google
Earth to make a KMZ out of or something.


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