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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Tue Jan 19 09:55:37 PST 2010

Hi Paul,

If the Starting Capacitor of your Yaesu G5500 Azimuth Rotor is not
shorted out but it only loosed capacity and it only looses torque and
some time stops I suggest you do not dissamble the Rotor.

Simply connect a 100 uF 50 Volt AC unpolarized electrolitic capacitor
across terminals A4 and A5 on the rear screws of your control box.

>From the electrical point of view it is the same to dissamble the Rotor
and put the capacitor inside of it.

If you don't own an AC electrolitic capacitor built it by your self
following the schematic diagram belove:

                          C1               C2
                         -   +              +   -
               |--------) |------|------| (--------|
 A4 ------|                      |                       |------- A5
                         D1                D2


C1 and C2 are 100 uF 100 volt DC capacitors

D1 and D2 are any diode like 1N4007

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> I'm about to disassemble a Yaesu G5550 Azimuth Rotor to replace the
> Starting Capacitor. Has anybody done this and can give any
> suggestions? I'm concerned about taking it apart and a million pieces
> falling out
> Thanks
> - Paul
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