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I did the calculations twice and got the same $3300 figure!  However, I just redid the calculations and got the much lower figure!  I did use 1970 and 2009 as the years.  Frankly, I have no idea as to why the different figures!

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> Having been a life member (# 463)
> since the very early days when life membership was first
> offered I would like to "point out" that, "back then", life
> membership wasn't "that cheap".  In "today's dollars",
> not "absolute dollars", is a pretty staggering sum!
> Based on the consumer price index, the $50 that I spent for
> my life membership back around 1970 is today the equivalent
> of right at $3300!  That is 66 times in "absolute
> dollars".  Compare that to the present life membership
> fee of $880.  That means that we who obtained our life
> memberships back in the early 1970s paid 3.75 times what new
> life members are paying.
> If you don't believe these figures then do the calculations
> on the following website:
> http://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/
> However, the cash influx to AMSAT, at the time, was
> definitely needed and the benefits from the life membership
> fees of today's "olde tymers" allowed AMSAT to accomplish a
> lot of things which would not have been possible without the
> influx of cash.
> Therefore, I caution those who think that life members are
> getting a "free ride" to stop and think about the true
> situation.  If it had not been for the "olde tyme" life
> membership fees the organization would not be what it is
> today IF the organization was still in existence!  We
> "olde tymers" happily paid a premium (when compared with the
> present value of the dollar) to support the
> organization.  Today, many of us are on "fixed incomes"
> and without our life memberships many of us would not be
> able to afford continuing our memberships.  "When the
> going was tough, the tough got going" and contributed a
> significant amount of money in terms of what the dollar is
> worth today.
> The result is that we "paid our dues" (pun intended) and
> AMSAT is still benefiting from our monentary contributions
> today.  We made an investment in the organization and
> we certainly deserve to "reap" any benefits from that
> investment.
> Glen, K9STH
> AMSAT 239/LM 463
> Website:  http://k9sth.com


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