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> Robert,
> Of course you would give a D minus. ....  (I thought Clinton's analogy had
> merit but then I guess I am among the ignorant.)
> Kevin, N3HKQ

kevin.  I dont think you will find a post where I make the claim you do ("Your arguments, comparisons and
> analogies are always spot on and relevant while everyone else's is
> hopelessly and haplessly off the mark.") such a claim is the definition of hubris and if I do make a comparison you are free to try and refute it or state how it flounders.

I believe Clinton's flounders because to compare a board which is open in the public domain to private property which is at the heart of a Free Republic is in my view cheapening of both the concepts of speech and private property.

Having traveled a "tad" in the world I have come even more so to value both notions.

As for "saving people" from themselves.  I learned a long time ago that people who have no personal responsibility can as adults not be taught it...it is a personal thing

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