[amsat-bb] Life Members

Jeff Davis ke9v at live.com
Sat Jan 16 06:29:36 PST 2010

In the ongoing "discussion" about the new mailing list policy (kudos to the 
BoD by the way), the "Life Member" label has been at the forefront as though 
this adds gravitas to the opinion of the commenter.

Since we are going down that path, I just wanted you to know that when I 
read "Life Member" I hear the words "cheap", "discount", "looking for a 
deal", "old fart" in my head.

The fact that you paid a hugely discounted price twenty-five years ago for a 
"life" membership and now lean heavily on that previous investment to 
denigrate the organization makes your opinion considerably less valuable to 
me than had you paid the "full freight" for those same years.

I realize it can be painful to discover that others have opinions too, but 
if I have to read this constant drivel then you must read mine. I've been a 
member since 1994 and have always paid the full membership fare, each and 
every year.

In addition to President Club membership and associated donations...

So there!

What have YOU done for the hobby lately?

Jeff, KE9V 

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