[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT adopts Acceptable Use Policy for mailing lists

Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 16 06:12:38 PST 2010


when it gets personal ("because of life members like you") that is when I get out of the discussion...and urge other people to as well.  Go out enjoy the weekend, solder something do anything to blow down.  I will. I will help...last pass for me.  take the closing shot if you want it.  

have a great Saturday...since coming home I try and I have embraced the line from the song "I am so glad I am standing here today".

take care  make it a great day.

Robert WB5MZO life member AMSAT ARRL

> Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 08:44:45 -0500
> From: rwmcgwier at gmail.com
> To: orbitjet at hotmail.com
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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT adopts Acceptable Use Policy for mailing lists
> Because of life members like you, I can assure you I am not now and will 
> not be in the future, a leader of AMSAT. I out of the game. I have not 
> taken a call from an AMSAT leader in nearly two years.  The only 
> notifications I get are on the advisors list. So as a leader, I am next 
> to useless since I have no role and am not actively seeking one.  I want 
> to do engineering should the need arise (but I am not holding my breath 
> to tell you the truth).  I have personally had all of the crap here I 
> can tolerate as a volunteer leader. As for you,  I would have long ago 
> taken the pitiful excuse of a life membership donation you gave to AMSAT 
> and returned it to you, with interest, and returned it to you.
> Please list for us the positive contributions you have made to the 
> organization since you gave it your dues ages ago.
> Bob McGwier, N4HY
> Life Member AMSAT and ARRL
> P.S. And by the way.  I have done a few other minor things along the way 
> in addition to giving these organizations less money than I spend on 
> coffee in a year.
> On 1/16/2010 8:35 AM, Rocky Jones wrote:
> > Bbo.  so clever.
> >
> > this is how the "leaders" of Amsat, you know the ones who somewhere in a
> > discussion (and I see you reached this stage as well) start to tell
> > everyone "none of this discussion is launching anything into space"...
> > people blow fuses.
> >
> > YOU personalized the discussion. Until your post, the discussion was
> > about concepts...but "YOU" went into and made it a personal engagement.
> >
> > it is along with the "nothing is helping us launch satellites" the last
> > refugee of people trying to defend something that is essentially not
> > defense able Have a great weekend...go out and do something...it will
> > help that blood pressure.
> >
> > Robert WB5MZO life member AMSAT ARRL
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