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Fri Jan 15 23:02:44 PST 2010

Well said David, now a new subject matter gets the delete key. 

DX-ing on AO-7 

Bob W7LRD 

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It's not altogether surprising that this topic is being discussed but 
really folks, lets look at the facts! 

The whole issue revolves around just a few members/posters who 
continually try and push the boundaries on what is a large list with 
respected and influential members all over the World. 

We all know who they are; the ones that immediately post a facetious 
reply to a newbie question, the ones that post one line,or worse still, 
one word answers that are ambiguous at best and downright rude at worst; 
the ones that take childish delight in trying to elicit the maximum 
controversy with seemingly innocuous postings. We know who they are and 
they know who they are and the laws of defamation restrict me in naming 

There is a delete key on your keyboard; there are message filters built 
in to your e-mail client and if you really get offended then there is 
always the "un-subscribe" route. 

But if anyone on the list ever gets to having to be warned by AMSAT 
about their conduct on the BB or worse still, be faced with 
suspension/expulsion from the list then shame on you! 

For the most part we are all responsible adults involved in a fairly 
expensive hobby (note "hobby") that is both highly technical and to most 
people, quite complicated. If anyone feels that they can do a better job 
than anyone on the current Board then by all means file a motion of no 
confidence and see how many fully paid up members back you. 

Put up or shut up. 

That we have even had to come to an Acceptable Use Policy for this board 
should make certain members/posters question whether they should even be 

Rant over 


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