[amsat-bb] Re: It's NOT Censorship

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Fri Jan 15 17:55:09 PST 2010

At 02:09 PM 1/15/2010, David - KG4ZLB wrote:
>It's not altogether surprising that this topic is being discussed but
>really folks, lets look at the facts!
>The whole issue revolves around just a few members/posters who
>continually try and push the boundaries on what is a large list with
>respected and influential members all over the World.
>We all know who they are; the ones that immediately post a facetious
>reply to a newbie question, the ones that post one line,or worse still,
>one word answers that are ambiguous at best and downright rude at worst;
>the ones that take childish delight in trying to elicit the maximum
>controversy with seemingly innocuous postings. We know who they are and
>they know who they are and the laws of defamation restrict me in naming
>There is a delete key on your keyboard; there are message filters built
>in to your e-mail client and if you really get offended then there is
>always the "un-subscribe" route.
>But if anyone on the list ever gets to having to be warned by AMSAT
>about their conduct on the BB or worse still, be faced with
>suspension/expulsion from the list then shame on you!
>For the most part we are all responsible adults involved in a fairly
>expensive hobby (note "hobby") that is both highly technical and to most
>people, quite complicated. If anyone feels that they can do a better job
>than anyone on the current Board then by all means file a motion of no
>confidence and see how many fully paid up members back you.
>Put up or shut up.
>That we have even had to come to an Acceptable Use Policy for this board
>should make certain members/posters question whether they should even be
>Rant over
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My Delete key is overheating...tell you anything?  Those that do not 
cause rules have nothing to worry about.  Those that the rules were 
made for ...well....I have a delete key ;-)
I am way too busy in my "hobby" to bother with lurkers or 
naysayers.  For a clue look at my website.  Genuine , respectful 
debate will not be censored.

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
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500-KHz/CW, 144-MHz EME, 1296-MHz EME
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