[amsat-bb] Re: It's NOT Censorship

Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 15 12:54:50 PST 2010

Clint.  I dont agree with much of that. 

I agree that the 1st amendment only applies to government at all levels (through the 14th)...but moderating the discussion to delete such things as "death threats" or whatever is far different then moderating it to put a particular group or sub group in a better light.  I dont see any evidence of that yet, but the "guidelines" are so broad as to be meaningless.

This is what I really disagree with.

> This messagegroup - and millions of others - is a private party. NOT government-run nor sponsored. We're mere visitors entering and using it, and we have to abide by its rules - else we go elsewhere. Like guests in your home, there's an expected set of rules for behavior, and AMSAT just laid them out in black and white.

> Clint Bradford, K6LCS
> http://www.k6lcs.com

not really. AMSAT is a private group, but a group of members.  If you are a member of AMSAT in my view short of threatening death or shouting fire when there is no fire...you pretty much get to lay ones two cents on the line.

The AMSAT BOD is more or less acting, in my view, like our politicians in Washington ie once they are elected they are to busy to listen to the people who make up the group.

Robert WB5MZO Life member
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