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Wed Jan 13 17:16:37 PST 2010

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Subject: [amsat-bb] HO-68 Schedule Jan 10-17
> 12 Jan. 2010
> HO-68 Linear Tansponder
> 19:205...Turn On
> South America,NA,North Asia
> 20:05...Turn Off
> 73
> Alan Kung, BA1DU
> HO-68(XW-1) Project Manager
> www.camsat.cn
Hi Alan, BA1DU

The path: South America,NA,North Asia of the above orbit 12 Jan 2010
of HO-68 linear transponder is wrong because the satellite covers instead
Africa and Europe.

This is why a lot of users following your schedule missed a very interesting
orbit with very high elevation over Europe.

I suggest you to remove the path of the satellite over the continents and
live only the time and the mode of operation as follows:

12 Jan. 2010
Linear Tansponder
19:20...Turn On
20:05...Turn Off

Doing this way every one will be  obliged to check every orbit and see
if it covers it's foot print or not.

In addition I suggest to schedule HO-68 one week only FM and Digital
Transponder and one week only Linear Transponder.

This will simplify the job for you and for all satellite users giving to
everyone the maximum capability to work every possible orbit in the
preferred mode.

In the mean time and for the future I will not take any more in account
the path of HO-68 that you states over the continents because it is already
two time that I found it to be in mistake.

The last time the following orbit was also in mistake because I found that
it was not covering Europe.

07 Jan. 2010
HO-68 Linear Tansponder
21:45...Turn On
South Africa,Europe,Middle East Asia,NA,North
Pole,North Asia
22:30...Turn Off

Tank you for your cooperation.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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