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Subject: 	[Moon-net] SOSS - Save our Space-comms Systems
Date: 	Mon, 11 Jan 2010 11:58:32 +1100
From: 	Robert Brand (EOA) <robert.brand at echoesofapollo.com>
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At Echoes of Apollo, we are starting a group called "SOSS" - Save our
Space-comms Systems.
It is to set up suitable entities in countries around the world to save,
preserve, manage and operate large infrastructure for space and science
outreach under the control of mentors. The sites may be tracking, comms or
radio astronomy and we will look to funding from a variety of stakeholders
including government grants. Where possible the groups would be "Not For
Profit" and in some countries donations would be tax deductible.
It is early days and I expect that we will be able to make some of the
dishes available for the occasional EME event. I look forward to comment and
contributions from anyone interested
For those on Facebook I have set up a test group and already have over 200
interested in just one day. You can join the group at:
3946 I also accept all friend requests
Overview: "A space outreach program worthy of support. Combining
preservation, green initiatives, science outreach, hands-on for students and
mentoring from senior experts in the fields of space comms, space tracking
radio astronomy and amateur radio."
Description: "This group is looking at ways to protect and manage retired
space communications systems and put them into service for space science
outreach and student education. Historic and useable systems are being
scrapped all the time. It is essential that these be protected and used to
stimulate students and the general public in space as a career opportunity,
both in space/satellite communications or radioastronomy.

This is a global group and will need local support to save any
infrastructure in a particular country. I have lists of aging infrastructure
in Australia and USA at this time. We will look for grants, sponsorship,
volunteers, support and donations.

We will need country reps and lobbyists. It is essential that we preserve
our heritage and our future in space."
Regards, Robert Brand
Events Manager
Echoes of Apollo - the World's Biggest Space Party
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robert.brand at echoesofapollo.com   |   www.echoesofapollo.com   
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