[amsat-bb] Delfi-C3 update January 10 2010

wouter weggelaar pa3weg at amsat.org
Sun Jan 10 13:55:23 PST 2010

Hi all,

Recently, we have released an updated version of the RASCAL software
for the reception of Delfi-C3 (DO-64) telemetry.
You can grab a copy at http://www.delfic3.nl/rascal
If you already have RASCAL installed, you can use the upgrade package.
The upgrade package leaves all your settings intact.

- Current & voltage of reference diodes added. This is a measure for
the solar intensity received on the solar panels.
These diode outputs correlate with the output of the TFSC
measurements, and can be found in the IV-curves window (Options ->
Show IV Curves)
- AWSS data presence indicators added. These indicators light up green
if data from the sun sensors (AWSS) is received, and in which quadrant
there is data.
The AWSS data presence indicators can be found in the lower right
corner of the RASCAL main screen.

In the mean time, Delfi-C3 is still in good health and performing fine
in science mode.
The total number of frames as of today is 849670 (approx. 121.5 MB)
and the number of registered users is now at 335. Many people are
submitting data on the guest account (RASCAL default).
Delfi-C3 has been on orbit for 622 days and her second birthday is
coming up on April 28th.
There are no signs of considerable degradation in science mode, so
everything is still healthy.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts to receive and send
in telemetry data.

73 and Happy new year on behalf of the Delfi-C3 / DO-64 team,

Wouter Weggelaar

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