[amsat-bb] OT Tubes

Steve steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Jan 9 14:59:56 PST 2010

I noticed  thread about building a tube amp, which reminded me I had a some
lying around. I have dug them out and am offering them free to anyone who
can make use of them.

So I have 5 OA2 150 tubes (tube equivalent of a zener diode) and 5 2c39
tubes plus 1 cv6224 (conduction cooled 2c39 I think)  they are all used or
out of spec, but I believe they all work.

They are free to a good home just pay the p&p and maybe make a donation to
Amsat-UK for the funcube project. http://www.funcube.org.uk/


I used to work in a factory that made 2c39's and 4cx250's amongst other
tubes, mostly Klystrons and TWT's and could often get hold of out of spec
tubes etc. 

I wonder why I was a very popular Ham back in the 80's lol.




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