[amsat-bb] Re: Doppler effect

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 02:08:14 PST 2010

At 08:16 PM 1/9/2010, Daniel F6CDZ wrote:
>      F real = F nom (1 + V/C)
>     V = relative speed of the sat on Km/s
>     C = light speed (300.000 Km/s)

Note that only the component of V that is towards or away from the 
operator affects the frequency.  For example, at TCA, the satellite 
is still moving at around 7.5km/s relative to the observer, but the 
motion is neither towards or away from the observer, so at that 
instant, the Doppler shift is zero.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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