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Agree, and even old tubes like the 2E26, 832, etc are good tubes for this power requirement, but the problem is that tubes from that vintage are usually "sour" by now, if you can even find one. I'd suggest looking for an 'Oldtimer' whom never threw anything away, like my dad (SK) and you might luck out with tubes, caps, tank circuits, etc. Enjoy the true meaning of Ham Radio........building your own......that is what's missing in this hobby pretty much nowadays, as now we are pretty much appliance ops.. 

John W6ZKH 

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I would try to locate old QSTs or Amateur Radio Handbooks that contained 
such circuits. Tubes such as 6146, 829, etc. were good candidates. Also 
the 4x/4CX150 would give up to 100+ out with just a few watts in. Newer 
handbooks or magazines still provide you with he necessary theory to 
build one from scratch. Building a tube amp is quite simple, just need 
to have 300 - 1000 volts dc supply based on tube and power out. Also, 
usually a 6.3vc transformer for filaments. Nothing wrong with tube amps. 
I have an old Johnson 6n2 unit that runs about 150 watts. Neat old rig. 
Find an old rig as I mentioned above and go online to the various manual 
websites and obtain the manual for an old rig. You can use that as your 

Reid, W4UPD 

Douglas Anoman wrote: 
> I'm looking for a winter project can any one point me in the direction of a 2 meter tube amp nothing crazy about 25-50 out, 1-10 in. I have never used or played with a tube circuit so i thougt winter why not. Thanks 73 
> Thank You 
> Douglas Anoman 
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