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Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Tue Jan 5 07:36:02 PST 2010

Andrew Rich wrote:
> wrong hobby

Says the man who spams APRSSIG with off-topic programming questions that 
can be answered with a few Google searches. If you have nothing 
constructive to say, don't reply. In conclusion, please pull your bottom 
lip over your head and swallow.

Ah, the felt good.

Now, George:

> On this last pass of HO-68 at 2216 L AOS I heard nothing on ssb,cw or fm.
> The foot print of Satpc32 showed all US.What am I doing wrong, I have
> downloaded latest keps. George

As Drew stated, the FM and transponder are not always on all the time, 
but the CW beacon should always be going. I have no idea about your 
skill level, so let me suggest basics:

* Are you sure you're on the right frequency?
* Are you compensating for doppler?
* Everything connected correctly?
* Can you hear other sats?

Hope this helps and that's it something simple.


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