[amsat-bb] Re: IT/vista

Steve Meuse smeuse at mara.org
Mon Jan 4 10:42:58 PST 2010

Bob- W7LRD expunged (w7lrd at comcast.net):
> Thanks for the many suggestions I received for getting IT to run on a Vista (os) laptop.  Unfortunately I can not get it working.  A local ham/computer guru will, perform the "laying on of hands".  Why computer manufacturers and software companies (MS) seemingly make things obsolete before their time I find unconscionable.  

Bob, while I can sympathise, I don't think this is Microsoft's fault. IT was written 20 years ago for a different operating system. We can't expect Microsoft to support this forever, it's just not practical.

It's probably worth the time investment to learn a new client.....


P.S. That is about the only time you will ever hear me defend Microsoft :)

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