[amsat-bb] Re: Odd frames from HO-68?

Bent, OZ6BL oz6bl at amsat.dk
Sun Jan 3 06:49:31 PST 2010

On 2010-01-03 14:42, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> Do you at least share the footprint with the other station?
Yes. We had a 2 deg elevation and the satellite was about midway between
OZ7SAT and UA9UAZ over the Kola peninsula.

> I suspect that the operator had the PL tone ON so his packets were being repeated through the FM repeater.  I think that would make the packet look like it came directly to your station, without a path.
That sounds like a very plausible explanation.

> I understand that packet operators should turn their PL tone OFF in order to prevent this.

> Congratulations to Nader for uploading three messages successfully!  I am interested in his Wisp/MSPE TNC settings.  For example, what the Retries time was set to, TxDelay, etc.
For what it is worth, here are the settings we use. You have to be
rather aggressive when connecting to a satellite, so the T1 timer is set
very low:

Window size: 1
T1: 0.5 sec
Retry count 10
Maximum packet length. 128

The latter is probably not necessary with HO-68, but it was with GO-32.

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL

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