[amsat-bb] Station Integration

Randy Hall listk7age at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 07:08:01 PST 2010


I am looking to get my station automated again. Years ago I was running
WISP, FT-736, Yaesu Az-El rotor and TAPR Trackbox. It was a really cool
system watching it completely automate the message transfers to the
satellites. Then came along the internet..........

I now use Orbitron and a TS-2000. Still have the same rotor. The TrackBox is
sitting in the garage, but could be brought back to life. I never changed
the proms for Y2K!!!

So, what is the current equipment being used to tie the tracking software to
control the rotor and radio these days?

I am not tied to Orbitron or the Trackbox, if I need to get something else
more up to date that is fine.

Thoughts about integrating my station together again?


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