[amsat-bb] Re: UA1OEJ

Bato, Andras bato at starjan.hu
Fri Jan 1 06:43:36 PST 2010

Hi Patrick,

My note is addressed to everyone over the rainbow, i.e. in Canada, Alaska and th Northern USA,

I very often call CQ W VE when on AO7 -usually in CW. Why CW? Because CW is made for DX!

In other words real dx can made in DX only.

I usually get no reply.

What happened to telegraphers there? 

I can hear myself well when AO-7 is above Greenland!

Then the footprint of AO-7 buries the Whole Northern part af the American continent!

It would be a real pleasure to hear answers to my CQ calls!

By the way, there are many other stations have been trying this from the neighboring countries. (There are great many around us.)

hny de ha6nn

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