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Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Jan 1 02:05:42 PST 2010


Show just that satellite, clickable from the main table.

Andrew VK4TEC

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  1) Colours changed

  2) Satellite is now the subject

  Andrew VK4TEC
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      As requested, now populates the date and time with the current time, but 
      lets you edit at will.



    Hi Andrew.

    Happy new year!

    Getting better by the day.  Thank you.  2 ideas.

    1) The main title  - Subject etc  is difficult to read in its present white on light grey. A different colour background instead of the light grey would be good. - Probably just a problem on some laptops LCD screens.

    2) Sorry this is probably too difficult.  - As it's a satellite reporting system, would it be better instead of having a text subject, to have a satellite as the subject. Possibly clickable from your list?  That would also prevent abuse of the system with people who find the site at random filling in their own text. Also, as the list has expanded to include NOAA etc a drop down menu that allows you to find all the entries for a particular satellite while excluding the others would be great for finding the recent history of a particular satellite........Sorry, I did say it was difficult, but that is one of the advantages of the DC Carr version which is 'graphical' and not text based.

    Still, a nice resource.

    Many thanks



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